Author Topic: Do You Terminate Using Ejoin Tech and China Skyline Gateways?  (Read 803 times)


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Then you have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your business, thanks to the service GoAntiFraud. We support Ejoin Tech and China Skyline VoIP-equipment, which is often used for termination. Users of GSM-gateways and SIM-banks of the brand will be able to improve the productivity of their work to save time and money.

After trying a 7-day Trial at GoAntiFraud, you can appreciate the unique advantages of our service:

   Computerized operations. Top-up, activation, discharge of SIM-cards, bonuses, SMS handling, and so on will be carried out automatically.
   Protection against AntiFraud systems. Our tools that disguise SIM-cards from tracking mobile carriers prolong the lifespan of cards.
   Traffic optimization. The data package compression technology will bring tangible benefits to terminators operating in regions with Internet traffic charged for MBs. We can compress traffic 3 times at the price lower than that of SBO.
   A single office to manage the VoIP-equipment. You will be able to manage all the Ejoin Tech and China Skyline equipment and set up the GSM-termination logic from any device, including Android and iOS.

Take full advantage of GoAntiFraud for free! Register the 7-day license on our site.

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