Author Topic: Unusual But Solid Reasons to Launch a Website  (Read 778 times)


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Unusual But Solid Reasons to Launch a Website
« on: September 06, 2013, 02:36:42 PM »
Everyone has heard the stories of entrepreneurs starting websites to make millions of dollars and then retiring before they reach the age of 30. While websites can be a very powerful business tool, they are not only used for financial gain. There are all kinds of unusual reasons that people could have for starting a website besides just making money. Here are a few unusual but solid reasons to launch a new website.

Promote an Anniversary

One of the more unusual reasons to start a website is to promote an anniversary. For example, if your parents are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, you might want to build a website to promote that fact. You can put all kinds of details about the party on the website. You can then simply direct people to the website address instead of just making invitations. In todayís digital age, almost everyone has Internet access on their phones, tablets, or computers. They can get all of the info they need about the event right from your website. You could even create a free website with so that you donít have to put any money into it.

Political Information

Another reason that you may want to create a new website is so that you can provide information about political issues that affect you. For example, if you are passionate about a particular ballot measure in your state, you could create a website to educate other people about it. You might even want to create a website just for the purpose of promoting a candidate that you really like. This can be a good way to get active in the political arena without having to run for office.

Raising Money

Creating a website can also be a good way to raise money for a cause that you believe in. For example, letís say that your child is involved in a local organization and they are trying to go on a field trip. They need to raise so much money by a certain date in order to go on the trip. You could create a website with a goal tracker on it so that everyone can keep up with how much money theyíve raised. You can put a chip in widget on the site so that people who visit it can contribute to your cause. With this type of tool, everyone in your group can refer to your website to see exactly how far theyíve come. When you know how much you have left, it can really be unifying.

Regardless of your reasons behind making a new website, donít pigeonhole yourself into thinking that you have to make money with it. Not every website is a commercial venture and many of them have been very successful without ever earning a dime of profit. Get creative and try to come up with new purposes for developing a website other than just starting an online business. You may be surprised how many ideas you can come up with.