Author Topic: Cloud Hosting for Cost Efficiency  (Read 747 times)


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Cloud Hosting for Cost Efficiency
« on: September 07, 2013, 08:11:18 AM »

With all the benefits of Cloud Hosting, most companies and businesses assume that they will cost more. In all actuality, Cloud Hosting costs about the same up front.
But if youíre thinking about the bottom line for your company, Cloud Hosting actually ends up being much cheaper.

Cloud Hosting can come in many forms but they can all save you money on hardware, tech consulting and probably the most important for your customers: downtime.

There are currently three different kinds of cloud computing options and each have their own benefits and methods of use that can maximize your companyís cost efficiency.

SAAS (Software As A Service): This allows you to host software on a cloud server, meaning that anywhere you can access the internet will allow you to access that software.

PAAS (Platform As A Service): This allows you to remotely host from computers that utilize high-output hardware, meaning that you donít have to have the hardware on hand to compute.

IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service): You company does not host any of the servers, software or network equipment. The host company is responsible for maintaining, securing and administration.

Hardware Savings:

SAAS can save your company from having to purchase additional memory for each individual computer to store the software that can be accessed from the internet.

PAAS directly allows your company to mitigate hardware costs by processing remotely.

IAAS can save you on the cost of multiple servers.

Tech Costs

SAAS can allow a lower maintenance update for all of your computers because they are all hosted in one place.

PAAS allows you to mitigate all the cost of maintaining high profile hardware.

IAAS directly outsources all of your server tech needs, leaving everything but getting your data to another company


SAAS can drastically lower downtime due to software updates and software issues.

PAAS allows you instant access to hardware so that you donít have to worry about updating, managing or fixing any problems that arise.

IAAS allows you to take advantage of something that all Cloud Hosting offers: access to multiple servers that back each other up, dismissing downtime in general.

Overall, there are a lot of ways that Cloud Hosting can save your company money. Thinking over which solution is just right for you can be a task, but itís certainly worth it when you consider how much simpler your life will be after you start using it.