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Colocation and MANAGED Colocation in Sao Paulo
« on: March 02, 2017, 02:07:39 AM »
    Colocation and MANAGED Colocation in Sao Paulo | NEW Data Center | Special Introductory Offer

Maxihost is a leading, fast-growing Colocation, Managed Colocation and Dedicated Hosting provider in South America. We just launched our new 10,000 server capacity data center in Sao Paulo and would like to extend all WHT members a special introductory offer.

Here's what our data center has to offer:

  • 10,000 server capacity
  • Redundant APC No-breaks working in parallel
  • Two separate optical fiber accesses
  • Redundant Emerson coolers of 30TR each working in parallel, ensuring stable temperature and humidity
  • PIX of the PTT Metro SP connected in 40Gbps, providing exchange for free traffic with hundreds of ASNs
  • Located near Av. Paulista, the largest financial center in the country
  • Restricted security card controlled area
  • Cummins generators of 500 KvA each, ensuring continuous supply of energy. Able to withstand the data center for twenty days without refueling
  • Controlled access, cameras with 24x7 monitoring and FM-200 gas operating in fire fighting
  • Open IP market network between operators and providers
  • 24x7 operation with certified staff.

About our Colocation:

  • Cooling, power and redundancy
  • Building and colocation cabinet security protocols
  • Network monitoring, resiliency, capacity and speed
  • Environment scaling and space planning
  • Managed Services availability
  • Experts to manage the infrastructure and other services you might need

-> Learn more about our Colocation offering
-> Explore Managed Colocation

Special introductory offers:
1U $72
1U Managed $108
Half rack $499
Half rack Managed $749
Full rack $999
Full rack Managed $1499
9A, two circuits with 4.5A each $430
13A, two circuits with 6.5A each $640

About us

  • Privately owned data center - Learn more
  • Contact us 24/7 by phone, live chat and email.
  • Pay with Wire, PayPal, Bitcoin or Credit Card.
Contact today.