Author Topic: Get your branded mobile dialer and increase your customer loyalty .  (Read 458 times)


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Dear Sir,

Get  your branded mobile dialer and  increase your customer loyalty .
Now SipCo Systems offers whitelabel softphone  for discounted prices !
Contact today  and Get upto 50 % discount on your order !

SipCo Branded Mobile Dailer offers below features:

* Brand Name on Main Screen

* User Friendly  & Beautiful design

* SIP protocol support

* Unlimited user license

* Outgoing and Incoming calls

* Rate & Balance Display

* HD Voice Quality

* Supports G.729, Opus, AMR, AMR-WB, G.722.1, G.711a/u, GSM, iLBC, SPEEX, SPEEWX-WB codecs

* DTMF support

* Call hold

* Call History

* Call Status display

* Work with all standard SIP Soft Switches

* Compatible with most of the android devices
* Compatible with new iOS versions

* “ Auto Login with QR code” feature eliminates the manual entry of User Login details

Optional Features :

●   Web Portal for Remote management of Softphone settings
●   Video Calls and SIP Messaging
●   Third Party APIs integration
●   Payment Gateway integration
●   VPN support for SIP blocked networks

Know more... @

Free Trail Now :-

Warm Regards,
SipCo Systems Team,