Author Topic: Fighting the Silent Killer: Spam  (Read 500 times)


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Fighting the Silent Killer: Spam
« on: September 10, 2013, 02:38:18 PM »

Spam is ugly. In some ways, it may even be uglier than viruses or security holes. Spam is deliberate and calculated. The spammer wants your business but does not have the dignity to approach you through conventional means. Moreover, as a web administrator, spam can adversely affect the performance of your website and server.

Spam is the ultimate form of junk mail. The spammer does not have to pay for paper, postage, or possibly even a hosting account. Fortunately, you can fight spam with the right tools. The following are a few ways to combat this silent server killer on the web.

     Security through obscurity – This will not be a completely effective method of fighting spam, but it can certainly reduce the likelihood of spammers finding you in the first place. Keep your email address off your website and away from spam harvesters. If you need users to contact you, use a contact form.

     Spam filter – Spam filters range from the most basic to extremely complex. On a shared hosting account, your host may already have a system like Spam Assassin in place. On your own server, you should definitely consider installing one.

     Spam proxy – A different approach to filtering, a proxy sits in front of the mail server, neutralizing spam before it is processed.

     DNSBL – Domain name server blacklists are active databases maintained by various organizations designed to identify any servers known for delivering spam. This is only partially effective since many spammers use other people’s servers to send their junk mail.

You may decide to use two or more of these methods combined. Regardless of the methods you choose, even a small effort to fight spam can reduce the load on your server and keep your inbox clean.