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Affordable & Powerful VOIP Servers
« on: June 06, 2017, 03:19:10 AM »

Yes!!! We offer power packed VOIP Servers with optionally added Anti-hack features at industry low prices.

We have no Long term contracts and have a monthly billing system and thus help you make Speedy Manageable Affordable Reliable Timely (SMART) Decisions to choose the right VOIP Telephony Server acccording to your needs. Prices starting at only $39/month

We cater to both needs of retail and wholesale Calling solution needs as well as call center and contact center needs with Array of VOIP Application Server needs. Prices starting from only $32/month

**VOIP Server AntiHack Module - Offering 3 Levels of Protection **

Level 1 - IP Based Admin Login : Sets the admin access privilege to your VOIP servers only for white-listed and recognized IP addresses and blocks unauthorized access to your VOIP servers by blocking black-listed IP addresses that are un recognized thus securing your server against malicious attacks. In case of certain VOIP Application and Telephony servers the default login ports of a server are also re-directed to a different port to block automated login attacks, thus securing your server from any malicious hacking attempts

Level 2 - Fail2Ban based User Restriction: The most common form of hack attack that is conducted via Brute Force with different login parameters are blocked, using Fail2Ban feature. Repeated/Multiple login attempts are blocked after 10 unsuccessful login attempts. This secures the server from the most common brute force hack attacks made by the hackers to steal VOIP minutes from your VOIP servers.

Level 3 - : PIN Hack Attack Prevention Expert Hackers often resort to conducting hack attacks on specific VOIP Server ports that relay VOIP traffic by manipulating unauthorized access. With an added level of security we BLOCK suspicious IP addresses and extend access of only authorized IP addresses to Port Number 5060, this level of protection ensures that your VOIP servers are not used by unauthorized users to make fraud calls.

Remember all our server solutions are Low priced with NO LONG TERM CONTRACT traps and Monthly Billing system.

We offer VOIP Application and Telephony servers in less than 4 -5 hours upon completion of your paid , verified order AND also extend 247 365 days support to our customers.

Do not wait to check our website and details at .Chat with our specialists to learn more about our fabulous Dedicated Server offers and solutions.