Author Topic: Backing it Up An Overview of Data Backup Solutions for Servers  (Read 503 times)


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Backing it Up An Overview of Data Backup Solutions for Servers
« on: November 29, 2013, 07:41:58 AM »
Data backup solutions for servers come in two forms. Software or hardware. A software solution can be used if your computer has access to the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web provides the ability to upload your file backups to a storage facility or other secure location. While all backups use software packages to accomplish the task, it can be helpful and more reliable to use your own hardware. You can store your own hardware in any safe and secure location you choose. Away from any environmental stimuli, backup hardware like hard disks and RAM will be sure to perform at their highest standards. Keeping your own hardware in its own separate location, hooked up to the World Wide Web, is not something everyone is willing to do.

To remedy this situation, the ability to use disk and tape backups made its appearance. This allows computer professionals to configure their hard disks to record data on a variety of different removable media. You can choose to use USB drives, Flash drives, CD-ROMs, floppy disks, external hard drives and more. Flash drives and external hard drives are an economical and more efficient than traditional removable media. Floppy disks and CD-ROMs are only effective if the size of your data is small enough to fit on the removable disks. If the size of your data is larger than that, USB plug-in drives and external hard drives would be the best option. An external hard drive is the champion of backup file storage and is optimal for reliability and disk access time.

Backing up your data remotely is another highly popular option. Providing you have continual Internet access, you can configure your server to upload a backup of your files as often as you like. Remote data storage has additional benefits as well. Your backup files are sent to a secure data storage location, safe from wind, rain, snow and dust. Providing you pay the fee, your data will be as secure as a fortress, providing you with peace of mind and effective file storage 24/7. While it does cost a moderate amount, the security and feature availability is legendary. Only the incredibly high end servers rely on their own hardware for backup storage. Most companies and businesses rely on the know how and technological prowess of data backup solutions. People who are trained to configure systems capable of successfully retrieving your data in the event of a catastrophe. fire, lightning, earthquake, floods and more!

There are many software solutions available to fit your needs. Software solutions like Carbonite Online PCBackup, HP Upline, IDrive, MozyHome and SOS Online Backup keep your data safe in multiple locations. They also provide the ability to upgrade your accounts for more professional features. You can look at the free version like a free trial, because without upgrading, you wont get to experience the true abilities of the backup services.

With features like easy installation, unlimited backup frequency, affordable costs and outstanding customer service, backing up your files through the use of these companies resources sounds like a great idea. But be careful. Not every software based file backup solution is going to be right for you. There are benefits and drawbacks to each file storage service. For example, Carbonite Online Backup does not allow you to restore files from Windows Explorer but shines brightly in almost every other categorical classification. Its fast, affordable and offers a robust amount of features. Small feature quirks like this can make the difference between a successful operation and the need to reformulate a file backup plan.

Which solution is right for you and your business? The same features and functions apply to a home user as a stand alone server. All the tools of the trade are available to you but coming to the most effective business decision can be time consuming. Get a team of people together to have a round table discussion regarding what you need and what you dont. Discuss possible scenarios and events that could happen to the computer responsible for uploading the file backups. Ensure that any software solution through a third party is the right decision for you.

Housing your own hardware has its advantages. You have complete customizability of your server and the location of where backups are uploaded. While on the other hand, removable storage may be a more effective solution for file structures with a smaller overall size. When it comes down to it, the choices you make regarding your file storage backup comes down to money. How much money do you have to allocate to file storage and backup solutions? The answer to this question will ultimately decide the quality that your spending efforts will produce.