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"Hello VOIP Service Provider,

We Provide ORIGINAL/LICENSE VOS3000 WITH ASR & LCR Based Routing, Unlimited Reseller Level and More Billing Reports!

VOS3000 is a Linux based soft switch, designed for carrier-class operations. It’s tested and and proven for its cost-effective operations platform for Global PSTN card operators. With various reports it provides.

VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Dedicated High Configuration Server Pakage


VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Shared Server - 49  USD (  50 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Shared Server - 99  USD ( 300 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 149 USD ( 800 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 199 USD (1000 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 249 USD (1500 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 299 USD (2000 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 349 USD (2500 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 399 USD (3000 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 499 USD (5000 cc calls)
VOS3000 SoftSwitch + Server        – 999 USD (10,000 cc calls)

We have all the versions:

VOS3000 V2.1.3.2

VOS3000 V2.1.2.6

VOS3000 V2.1.2.4

VOS3000 V2.1.2.0

VOS3000 V2.1.1.8

VOS3000 V2.1.1.5

VoIP Operation Solution

The common Carrier-Class VoIP system requirements.(Wholesale, retail and develop agents)

VOS3000 is designed for carrier-class operations, Providing Account Management, ExchangeRate Management, Rate Management, Package Management, Cards Management, Gateway Management, Phone Management, Softswitch Management, IVR Management,System Management, User Management, Data Query and Web Self-Service System,Increased DTMF delivery methods,Signaling trace, Interface Shortcuts, Sound management interface for VoIP business operation needs such functions, and contains the Billing System, it is really "all in one" product.Professional Development for the VoIP wholesale and terminal operations.

The significant advantage of VOS3000 Operating System

We promise to version product lifetime free upgrades,we will according to the market situation,adding more functions and value-added business module,let your leading the trend.We offer one year free technical support,including the installation, commissioning, maintenance and training, etc.

System Characteristics Of VOS3000 SoftSwitch

System Features

# Add Option "Display" for Phone's Display Caller ID
# Add Option "Display"(H323/SIP) for Routing Gateway's Display
# Caller ID
# Add Private Rate for Account
# Add Private Rate for Phone
# Add Floating Icon to show Current Performance
# Add Monthly Max/Min/Spending for Phone
# Add Make Zero Method for Account Payment
# Package support any number of Days/Months/Years
# Add Short E164 Display for Phone
# Phonecard support Decimal Value
# Add Sold/Overdraft Property for Phonecard
# Phonecard support Add/Import
# Web support Period Report
# Phonecard support Short E164
# IVR support Inband DTMF
# Add Template/Schedule Service for IP PBX
# Add Remaining Duration Prompt for Terminal Value
# Added Service   
# Add End Reason Prompt for Terminal Value Added Service
# Add Account to Regions Query and Report
# Add Gateway to Regions ASR Analysis
# Add Mapping Gateway/Routing Gateway to Regions ASR Analysis
# Add Current Call RTP Information and RTP Traffic Monitoring
# Add Traffic and Concurrency Chart
# Add Polyphonic Ringtone for Value Added Service
# Optimize System Performance Display
# Add Access Number Analysis
# Add Call Forwarding Rate Settings
# Support Forbidden Phone Receive Calls when Account Arrears
# Support Routing Gateway Domain Name Management
# Add Period Control for Phone
# Add Forwarding Number Alerting Time Control
# SIP Routing Gateway support Domain Name Register
# Support RTP Interrupt Detection
# Add Default Polyphonic Ringtone for Terminal
# Support Web Callback Enhance IVR Service Export


Carrier-class VoIP operators
VoIP voice network construction and value-added business applications for Large Enterprise customers


Millions of global cards business system
Call Center,IP Enterprise PBX and other value-added services platform

We Are Offering Stable VoIP Billing Software :: iTel Switch Plus :: VOS3000 :: 4 Level Reseller Billing :: Flexilode Server :: Core4Voip Billing :: VoIPSwitch ::  Mera MVTS II :: MERA PRO :: Kolmisoft MOR :: A2Billing :: Asterisk :: Elastix :: For Wholesale Termination With All Modules | For Sale / For Rent We Also Provide Software Solution › Support » Softswitch Install › Upgrade » Support Config › Tech Support › Database backup › Security.

we also offer RENT= DEDICATED SERVER + VOS3000 ORIGINAL/LICENSE with complete features ( Any VOS3000 Versions). For those who have CRACK VERSION we offer you to upgrade to us and we will help you fix the problems you encountered get advantage of ORIGINAL/LICENSE Use latest technologies and Use Legal Version and have Legal income for your Company and Your family.

Why you use VOS3000 ?

1. Low price but having all features
2. Support 10,000 concurrent calls
3. Suitable for Retail and Wholesale VoIP Business
4. 100% Secured
5. Friendly operation

Why Purchase From Us ?

• We are giving 100% Guarantee and Security for our all customers.
• Friendly Customer support 24x7x365 ( Over Phone, Email, MSN, Skype & Yahoo Messenger)
• Error Free Software
• Highly Experienced Technical team.
• Customer Satisfaction Is Our Main Concern
• 100% Power Availability.
• 100% Network Uptime.
• No packet loss to our upstream providers
• Premium Bandwidth


Intrested clients can visit our website :: :: Provider For More Information And Technical Support Please Contact Us Below Address

Sales MSN Chat  :
Yahoo Messenger :
Skype Chat ID   : link2desh
GTalk Chat ID   :
Web Link        :
Email           :

Thank you & have a good day ahead!
       Warm Regards


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