Author Topic: How do you ensure security/ privacy of our data in the cloud?  (Read 327 times)


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For all the concern about data security in
the cloud, our preferred cloud service
providers may be better situated than an
individual company to implement robust
security measures and maintain security
expertise in-house. Certainly every cloud
provider goes to market knowing that its
infrastructure will be targeted by hackers,
malicious code, and the full suite of
cyber-risks. Thus security is a business-
critical issue for our preferred cloud
service providers, which creates strong
incentives to pursue and maintain robust,
cutting-edge security. In addition, it is
generally easier to manage and respond
rapidly to software and application
vulnerabilities in a cloud environment.
The more difficult issue at times can
be obtaining the necessary contractual
provisions from cloud service
providers that enable the customer to
demonstrate its compliance with its
legal requirements under data privacy
laws. Many companies with regulated
data have faced challenges negotiating
satisfactory terms with cloud service
providers. Avanade and Accenture have
been able to address a number of data
privacy regulatory concerns with many
of our preferred cloud service providers
to reach more favorable terms, from
a privacy and security perspective,
than are frequently available in the