Author Topic: Introducing Virtual desktops, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.  (Read 885 times)


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We are introducing affordable Windows Virtual Desktops.

1. Anywhere Anytime access to your favorite Desktop from any Internet Enabled Device.
2. Full PC Windows Desktop Experience with power and flexibility.
3. Enhanced security with SSL encryption and compression.
4. 5 times faster than RDP Client and 80% Bandwidth Saving with HTML5.
5. All Tools including Office Productivity Tools included.

Linux Virtual Desktops starting from $14/Month.
Windows Virtual Desktops starting from $29/Month.
Please visit and chat online 24/7 for a LIVE DEMO.

We have very reliable and powerful 4 Core Cloud Servers starting from just $10/month.
We also have Dell Branded Dedicated 4 Core 4 GB Servers starting from $29/Month.
5 Days free trial available for all our cloud and Dedicated Servers. Test it before you pay.


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Unbelievably True!!! Yes we are offering the latest RAIN Technology enabled SSD Dynamically upgradable Cloud servers for rock bottom prices that are difficult to match within the Cloud server space

$1.25 for Each Core
$1.25 for Each GB

That is just $10/M for a 4 Core 4 GB SSD based Cloud Server.

Our dynamically upgradable Cloud servers run on SSD’s that are enabled by cutting edge RAIN technology (Redundant Array of Independent Nand) and extend you the enterprise quality performance and speed at the LOWEST price in the Cloud computing industry.

If you still find this hard to believe Visit to chat with our sales experts or email us at for more details.

Our ongoing limited time Offer:- Free 5 Day Trial on all servers