Author Topic: DataBase and Full Server Daily backup-Top Disaster Recovery Challenges  (Read 466 times)


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In today’s enterprise environment, a disaster recovery plan isn’t just something nice to have – it’s more crucial than ever. A business continuity strategy must be formulated to ensure that when a disruptive event takes place – be it a service interruption, inclement weather or some other instance – the company can sustain its usual processes.
Creating an effective disaster recovery plan isn’t without its fair share of challenges. Unless every essential aspect is factored into the strategy, the enterprise will likely find it lacking when it comes time to activate the plan. Therefore, pinpointing and addressing these obstacles is key.
Who’s Adequately Prepared
According to a Dimensional Research study commissioned by Axcient, today’s enterprises deem a backup and business continuity strategy critical. However, the majority find current approaches lacking.
The study found that 90 percent of IT leaders leverage several different backup and recovery tools. Of the respondents with multiple DR systems in place, 60 percent said these tools had overlapping functionalities. At the same time, 91 percent noted that having a variety of tools in place causes numerous problems with the company’s DR strategy, including the learning curve involved with the use of several different systems and the cost of added service licenses and maintenance.