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DDOS How To Combat Attacks
« on: April 20, 2015, 06:27:47 PM »
DDOS, or Denial-of-service attack, is the hacking ability to deny access for legitimate users of a certain service, thus making them unable to use their service. It destroys many machines and impedes services over the worldwide web and it is actually the greatest internet problem as of lately. Chances are you have heard of it!
The hacking process only involves installation of the DDOS software to a particular device, and when the legitimate user does a certain task or command on the device where the software was installed, this can automatically sendoff packets of commands onto all of the machines to be infected.
One of the primitive cases of DDOS attack is bombarding someone emails to fill the disk drive of his/her computer. However, as of late, there had been more advanced cases of DDOS attacks, one of which is through networked computers. Users can be denied access to FTPs, domain name services, and even access to the internet. These attacks can come from different sources, either inside or outside a certain machine or network. They attack the machine either by eating up its bandwidth, memory, or other resources, as well as, in a worse scenario, stop its function and shut the whole system down. You might be experiencing an attacked either if you have unusually slow network connections, if you become unable to view a certain website or any other website, or again, bombarding of emails.