Author Topic: What is the best Disaster Recovery Plan? Add A Plan for just $9/M.  (Read 573 times)


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he most important but most ignored thing, the Server Hosting Customers do, is a Plan for Distaer Recovery.


Disaster can hit at any moment. 75% of Disater happens becasue of Human error, 25% from Server Hardware failure.


Available Plans


Option 1: Take our $9/M Mysql Automatic Daily Database Backup plan. We will take your Database Daily Backup. In case of Disater, we will reinstall your Server and restore the latest Backup.


Option 2. Add a second Drive for $10/M extra for Cloud Servers or $15/M extra for Dedicated server. Save your files regularly to second drive, In case of Disaster we will reinstall your Server, and you can restore your saved files from second drive.


Option 3. Take our $19/M Full Server Automatic Daily Backup plan for Cloud Server and $39/M for Dedicated Servers. We will take your full Server Daily Backup. In case of disater, we will restore your full Server backup.


Option 4. If you have a Cloud Server from us, take our $9/M plan for Customer own Backup option. You can take upto 10 Backups your own to our Storage system. In case of disater, we will restore your full Server backup.


If not, Please make sure you have another Backup Plan. Once Disater happens, there is no point in regretting about not havign a Recovery Plan.


Plese visit us at and chat with us 24/7 for details.


NB: We are still offering 5 days FREE Trial for all our servers.