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cloud server
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:42:57 PM »
Imagine having a server that is spread out over multiple physical host-servers and in case of a single host-server failure your server is automatically moved to an active host-server without ever loosing connection to your vital services. Being able to provision a server or upgrade a server's hardware on the fly as you need it is another main advantage of our Cloud Server. All this using a Cloud Control Panel that is easy to use to manage your Virtual Machines on the Cloud. Totally customizable, each Cloud Server gives you the ability to create Virtual Machines with full root access to your Linux distribution or Administrator access to your requested Windows version. Your price depends on the amount of hardware resources and Windows or cPanel licenses you choose.

Based on Virtualization technology, Cloud Servers brings the power and high availability of the cloud to the dedicated server model. Just like a dedicated server, your Cloud Server provides total access for you to run any application or task you want on a fault tolerant platform.
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