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Explain SNRM

Set normal response mode is an unnumbered command of synchronous data link control.
This command places secondary station into normal response mode.
In normal mode only the secondary station sends and receives information frames.
Secondary station remains in normal mode until it receives a disconnect command.
It is disconnected with an unnumbered acknowledgement.


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Short for signal-to-noise ratio, the ratio of the amplitude of a desired analog or digital data signal to the amplitude of noise in a transmission channel at a specific point in time. SNR is typically expressed logarithmically in decibels (dB).
SNR measures the quality of a transmission channel or an audio signal over a network channel. The greater the ratio, the easier it is to identify and subsequently isolate and eliminate the source of noise. A SNR of zero indicates that the desired signal is virtually indistinguishable from the unwanted noise.
SNR also is abbreviated as S/N.