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Servers with Pre-installed VOIP and Call Center Solutions
« on: July 01, 2017, 07:34:02 AM »

We are excited to announce yet another addition to our Servers with Preinstalled VOIP and Call Center Solutions exclusively meant for small and medium VOIP and call center businesses. With more than 15 years industry experience within the VOIP Industry by offering solutions exclusively meant for VOIP and Call Center Businesses, We are proud to extend you Pre-Installed servers with VOIP and call center solutions listed below:-
Asterix** ViciDial** GoAutoDial ** FreePBX** A2Billing** Elastix**
We are committed at delivering our customers with Both Cloud And Dedicated Servers fully installed and ready to use with the above VOIP and Call Center Applications.

We also extend 24/7 configuration support, at an additional Nominal fee.Choose from Cloud Servers with Preinstalled solutions
Our Customers can select Cloud Servers which are pre-installed with Asterix/Goautodial/Vicidial/A2Billing/Elastix/FreePBX Backed with RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) enabled SSD Drives, these Servers Ensure fast and powerful performance that will empower your productivity for daily call center needs.

Choose Dedicated Servers with Preinstalled solutions, Inorder to gain the best benefits of dedicated computing customers can also choose from Dedicated servers pre-installed with Asterix/Goautodial/Vicidial/A2Billing/Elastix/FreePBX thus avoiding headaches of time and expertise required for Installation.

Get Expert help - Premium 24/7 Configuration Support :-When you add premium support at only $49/Month on your server with preinstalled VOIP and Call center solution you will get following benefits:- 1. Fully installed Asterix/GoautoDial/ViciDial/A2Billing /Elastix /FreePBX servers. 2. 24/7 Configuration & trouble-shooting service For Asterix /GoautoDial/ViciDial/A2Billing/Elastix/FreePBX Servers. 3. 24/7 Monitoring Service.

Take Advantage of our Expertise in Customization: -Customize and develop your VOIP and Call Center solution to your need For Example: 1. E-FAX Service.2. Call Center Autodialers. 4. IVR Services. 5. Any form of customizations on Asterisk, we develop it for you.

With No Contract & Hidden Fees, Monthly Billing and a Low price starting from just $32/Mo, the range of Preinstalled servers with Call Center Solutions can be a true value add to your VOIP and call center business.To get a first hand experience and to learn more chat with our specialists 24/7 at