Author Topic: Get your own Solution for IPRN with complete Branding in just 1700$  (Read 2112 times)


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MADTecCom reveals its new offers for IPRN/PNB Softswitch Platform with which you can completely own the softswitch and run services
under your Brandname. The offer includes Softswitch + Instllation of solution in your own server + Tech support for six months for
six months. (Servers are also arranged on demand). You can get the solution with the designed logo or brandname.

We also provide customizations in the product as per clients requirement looking into the feasibility.

Try our latest IPRN Switch it's one of the multi-tenant capabilities addressing all major challenges faced by VoIP businesses.

We have following features in our IPRN/PNB Solution:

* Display News & Notifications for anything related to new offers, rate & payouts
* Auto refresh on Live calls
* Multiple Payouts
* Time wise Payout
* Termination numbers upload in required format**
* Manage many services at allotted numbers
* Daily Stats, Custom Stats, Carrier wise Stats
* Multiple IPs authentication (Carrier)
* Real Time Credit Notes
* Advanced Finance Module
* Test Number Option
* Self allotment of number by resellers
* Advanced Reporting of Calls/traffic
* Request payout by resellers etc...
* IVR files management by yourself

Get the deal done with us!

Warm Regards,
Madteccom Team
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